Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn’t help feminism


Excuse me White Feminists™, but what the fuck is this shit???

“Beyoncé: being photographed in your underwear doesn’t help feminism white women and you’re not allowed to be a feminist unless you do what white women tell you.”

-white women

First question: Has Beyonce claimed feminism?

Second question: Who the fuck are these people to tell her how to run her life?

Third question: Why is it that she is being targeted? Like, there are very few women who do not photograph sexy when doing pop music. Where are the calls for them to cover up?

Fourth question: Why haven’t I heard feminists take on the racism in the pop industry? Like what on earth is Cheryl Cole doing singing about she wants a “Ghetto Boy” for example?

Fifth question: In alll the issues and things that feminism has to tackle, why is Beyonce suddenly at the top of the list? Like, shouldnt they be rooting out transphobia racism Islamaphobic in the movement for a start?

The article’s actually even worse than the title would imply. Here’s your “setup”:

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan’s hugely influential study that helped to spark that pervasive second wave of feminism that – for all its faults and stuttering incompleteness – shaped the western world as most of us know it today.

As a book it was – as Friedan was herself – a flawed advocate of women’s rights: Friedan had little apparent interest in women who were anything other than white and upper middle-class.

And then the slut-shaming, and the comparison of Beyonce to TWO NOTORIOUSLY RACIST WHITE FEMINISTS, INCLUDING ANDREA RADSCUM DWORKIN:

I never fail to be amazed at the high profile, often A-list women who celebrate their professional success by posing near naked on the covers of allegedly classy men’s magazines, such as Esquire and GQ, and these covers are, to my eyes, becoming increasingly close to porn.

It’s one thing to submit to this attention-seeking nonsense if you’re a C-list reality TV desperado trying to get on the cover of Nuts; it’s another if you are professedly one of the most powerful women in the entertainment business who has no need of such tactics.

Knowles rightly hates the fact that women are humiliated by being paid less than their male counterparts. But they are similarly humiliated by being fed the message that it doesn’t matter how successful, powerful or smart you are – all that matters is how sexually available you are willing to make yourself look.

I should feel happy, I guess, that Knowles is even willing to speak up about equality considering how notoriously few young women in the public eye are willing to identify themselves as feminists. That her Dworkin-ish call to arms comes served up with photos of Knowles jumping on a bed in a bikini, well, that’s the deal these days, apparently, in which famous women can sing about “independence” and “girl power”, as long as they’re wearing next to nothing. As I said, the feminist movement never did run smoothly. But half a century on from Friedan, it should be running better than this.

Betty Friedan and Andrea Dworkin? She could not even call up some feminist books written by women of color? What the….???????????????????????????????????????

They don’t read anything by WoC.

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    Wow, a popular white singer with lyrics that they want a “Ghetto Boy” - fuckin surprising.
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    it seems like the only thing white feminists want to talk about these days are chris brown, michelle obama and beyonce.
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    I don’t even like Beyonce, but wtf is this? Really? Where were they when Lana Del Rey was on the cover of GQ naked? Why...
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